Shohar ko Kabu Karne Ka Wazifa, “The relationship of husband and wife is really very interactive and charming as they passes through many phases in their life together doesn’t matter it was happiness of some bad news is there, but they phase those situation together in every in and out.

A girl gets married and leaves her parental house where she has spent her 18+ years of life and sacrifice all the happiness which she was getting earlier at her parent house, but what happens with girl even after compromising these much big things.

Shohar ko Kabu Karne Ka Wazifa (1)

Husband gives time to her woman in the starting of few months or years of marriage and start spending happy life like celebrating anniversary going to parties and taking his wife everywhere along with him, but it does goes for few months of years only after sometime husband stops giving a damn to her and stop spending much time than earlier by making few mentioned excuses.

  • I have some office work to do today.
  • I am getting late for office.
  • I want to sleep early today.
  • We cannot dine out at our wedding anniversary due to shortage of amount.
  • I going to function along with mother only.

Shohar ko kabu karne ka qurani wazifa (2)

So even after doing this much by a girl for any unknown person where her parent fixed her marriage that person does spend much time with her and that I even don’t like that a girl is not even completing her needs from her husband to get her husband’s love. ***Get Wazifa for Husband Love and Respect***.

So I decided to create a powerful Wazifa with will help all those woman sisters to get their love which will satisfy their needs from husband only whenever they required, Yes whenever they required i.e. you can control your husband as your own and satisfy your needs.

Shohar ko razi karne ki dua (3)

To create that powerful wazifa I have taken more than 41 Days after my hard work and knowledge of Wazifa it is going I create that.

So here below you can find that Wazifa which will help you to Control Your Husband for You.

  • All you need to find a peaceful place in your house.
  • Wait for evening.
  • Now take a Quran.
  • Now Open chapter no.16 and ayat no.39 and pronounce it for 386 times consistently.
  • Do not break your chain while pronouncing ayat for 386 times.
  • After completing for 386 times take a deep breath and blow over your husband without letting him know.
  • Make sure he feels your blow but doesn’t comes to know why it was for – change your impressions as per that.
  • Do it for 16 days continuously without any fail Allah will Definitely help you and you will find results in 7 days only.

Shohar ko kabu karne ka taweez (4)

Note – Females please do not try this in their down period times or 7 days of rest time because it may not work and even you may be in double trouble.

Always believe in Allah they will help for sure.

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