Wazifa to break girlfriend marriage,”It is really hard to listen and believe that the Girl whom you loved more than anything for many years even after compromising your friends, first you always put her on priority you fought with some of your best friends because they said bad words for her some where you also fought with your parents asking permission to go out with her over all you have done everything for her more than she deserve to get.

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But suddenly you come to know that she is going to get married with someone else because any reason weather it could be like you fought with her for very silly reason you were unable to brought something for her or even her parents were not allowing her to marry you because they might have found more richer person than you, but they don’t know that they will never find a person like you who will be loving her like anything.

And if you still love her and wanted to get marry with her at any cost, then I am telling you that you are at right page on right time.

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Here I will be sharing some best working Wazifa’s with you for FREE that will help you to Break Your Girlfriend Marriage and afterwards it will depends on you that how will you manage to marry her but Insha Allah this will work to break your girlfriend marriage.

Once the Wazifa will work all you need to do is hard work to get marry her or keep trying that Wazifa to break her marriage multiple times until she gets ready to marry you. >>> Dua to Break Engagement <<<

How to Break Relationship With Girlfriend (3)

Insha Allah do not lose hope you will get success to break your girlfriend marriage and If this will not work do contact me I will update you with very more strong Wazifa and Dua that will definitely help you.

Try below mentioned Wazifa’s to Break Your Girlfriend Marriage.

  • Read Durood-e-Shareef 11 times.
  • Recite the Surah Lahab for 41 times.
  • Offer Your Fajr Prayer.
  • Take Two crystals of salt blow on it taking the names of both the person.
  • Read Surah Muammil 7 times in a day.
  • One More Time Read Durood-e-Shareef 11 times.
  • Pray to Allah Ta Ala as much as you can in a day to break that engagement.
  • Do Nazam-e-Fazar.

  • Do all above written tasks for continuously 21 days without any fail and even do it until you get the success.

Note – Females please do not try this in their down period times or 7 days of rest time because it may not work and even you may be in double trouble.

Always believe in Allah they will help for sure.

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