Wazifa is a sort of short prayer done by people to get rid of worries and pains. We all believe God is present everywhere and due to his presence we feel alive. With the grace of Insha’Allah we feel blessed and for every problem we seek his help and blessed hands to save us from all evil eyes.

Wazifa to remove black magic

There are lots of people who are not happy with what they have and they feel continuously jealous. To satisfy their ego they take help of evil people who could help them get rid of all sufferings. Black magic is making the other person suffer without letting him know. It’s damaging his powers, money, health or even relationships.

Usually, it’s someone from the family who try to cast the spell of black magic on any of the family member of whom he is jealous. He may be the person who is closer to you. Beware of cheaters and take help of Molvi for all your black magic problems.

Symptoms of black magic

1-You or any of your family members continuously fell ill
2-Besides taking best and expensive treatment the person is not able to recover
3-Continous loss in the business
4-To feel the continuous presence of an unseen person
5-The main aim of black magic is not to harm, but to create an atmosphere where you live in fear throughout your life.

Insha Allah agar aap kabhi in mein si kisi cheez ka guman hai to jan jaye ki kisi ne aap per kala jadu kiya hai. Is se shutkara pane ki liye Allah Tala aap ki madad kare. Wazifa pare or Molvi ki madad le. 99 naam Paak Allah Tala ke parna hi wazifa hai. Quran ke paak akhser hume hamrari takleefo si shutakara delate hai.

Her marz ki dawa Wazifa ya Dua mein mil jayega. Bus Allaha talla per vishwas rakh ker kuch dino tak pare. Per dhayan rakhe ki subhi shabad ka ucharun sahi ho. Allah Talla key yeh pak shabad her pareshani ko door kerte hai.

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